Hospice, Homecare Agencies, Assisted Living Facilities and Senior Living Communities

We stand behind healthcare organizations and healthcare workers by offering specialized insurance coverages that empower them to provide the attentive care their patients need.

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We strive to protect frontline heroes such as caregivers, nurses, nursing assistants and other healthcare professionals with the very best in insurance protections – because they deserve it.

Glatfelter Healthcare serves as a source of confidence for more than 3,700 hospices, home healthcare agencies and senior living facilities across the United States. Our beginnings are closely linked with the National Hospice and Palliative Care Association, and our team is comprised of several healthcare professionals and veteran caretakers.

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Cyber Coverage

As a community-focused organization storing personal information, we understand the significant cybersecurity risks you face. That's why the cyber product from Glatfelter Brokerage Services (GBS), our wholesaler, is powerful and helps meet the cybersecurity needs of today as risks grow. This standalone, non-admitted cyber product is available to existing and new clients that meet our appetite.

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Custom Coverage

Not every organization fits neatly under a pre-packaged insurance program. Often, specialized coverages are needed to help fill in the gaps and better protect these organizations. As advocates for the industries we serve, we work with independent agents and their clients to develop coverages that meet very specific and niche needs across all of our programs.

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Meet Some of Our Healthcare Clients

"When I visit with a patient and their family and the music gives them relief from their pain or their anxiety, even if it's just for the hour that we visit, it gives them a chance to maybe forget about their disease."
- Juliet Mitton, Music Therapist
Hospice & Community Care
"Knowing that when you went in there you gave all that you can give. People say 100%. Well, maybe I'm 150% kind of giver."
- Gloria Adams, Caregiver/Client Coordinator
Visiting Angels
"Glatfelter was here immediately to help, not just with the claim, but to help us deal with the construction company and other contractors. They were quick to point out what to do and extremely quick to make sure that patient care was never jeopardized."
- Steve Knaub, President & CEO
Hospice & Community Care

Your Passion. Our Purpose.

As part of our commitment to caregivers, we provide risk management resources and industry insights through our client blog.

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The importance of insurance beneficiaries

How your community-focused organization can help protect your most important asset: your people, and how to help them set up their insurance benefits so that they reflect their wishes.

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An edited photo of a hand holding a lock reaching through a computer screen

8 Ways to Help Protect Your Healthcare Organization from a Cybersecurity Attack

It's cybersecurity awareness month. Is your home healthcare, hospice or assisted living organization ready for today's cyberattack tactics?

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Magnifying glass beside people cutouts

Employment Practices 101

An overview of employment practices, why they’re important + best practices for emergency service organizations to consider.

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Satellite image of a storm cell

Weathering the Storm: Severe Weather Threats

Severe weather events are getting more severe and frequent. This blog outlines what to expect in 2023 and how to help prepare for potential disasters.

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Thermometer displaying high heat during a heat wave

Beat the heat: heat exhaustion + 13 ways to help your patients avoid it

Symptoms and treatment of heat exhaustion and 13 ways to help avoid it

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Healthcare worker talking with patient

Documentation Done Right: 7 Questions to Ask that Can Help Improve Quality of Care

Accurate, thorough and timely documentation provides clear communication and a record of actions taken within the care plan.

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Healthcare worker in car

Buckle up: A crash course on non-owned and hired fleet safety

Ensuring that caregivers have the tools and training to commute more safely helps protect both them and your patients.

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You serve all types of citizens—but does your website? Find out.

It's important to make sure your website is able to serve everyone &mdash or you could find yourself in legal, financial or reputational trouble.

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