Custom Coverage

We strive to offer coverage that truly meets your organization's unique needs. That's why we offer customized solutions for everyone.

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Custom Coverage

Not every organization fits neatly under a pre-packaged insurance program. Often, specialized coverages are needed to help fill in the gaps and better protect these organizations. As advocates for the industries we serve, we work with independent agents and their clients to develop coverages that meet very specific and niche needs across all of our programs. Here's just a sample of these specialized, custom coverages:

  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  • Cancer and Critical Illness Coverage
  • Occupational Accidental Death
  • Student Accident Coverage
  • Volunteer Accident Coverage
  • Special Events & Fundraising
  • Missionary Travel & Accident

Looking to fill the gaps in your coverage? We're happy to help!

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As part of our commitment to the organizations we serve, we provide risk management resources and industry insights through our client blog.

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13 Steps to help reduce firefighter cancer risks

While the risks are undeniably scary, there are policies and procedures you can implement today to help address cancer within your fire department.

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Intersection Safety During Emergency Response

Why written training, policies and procedures are so important for intersections – and how to develop effective guidelines to help your emergency service organization address this risk.

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Severe Weather Resources for Emergency Service Organizations

These storms can bring a variety of risks, and when you're expected to continue to answer and respond to 911 calls during them—the tensions can be high.

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