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We're not sure anyone grows up wanting to be an insurance professional. Firefighter? Yes! EMT, nurse, doctor? You bet! Teacher, community leader? For sure! These were some of our earliest aspirations. And in many cases, our associates made those dreams happen.

Ultimately, our goals were to serve our communities and care for our neighbors.

Insurance has allowed us to pursue our passion. While we aren't all firefighters, nurses or public servants, we work to help protect those who are through specialized coverages, real-life risk solutions and exceptional claims service.

Matt Olphin head shot
“It's very rewarding knowing that you are directly involved in the safety and care of others—that people get to go home to loved ones at night because of the training you delivered and that your advice and recommendations help clients continue to serve their community.”
Matt Olphin
Associate since 2020
Tracie Wigginton headshot
“I'm very fortunate to work for a company that knows the true meaning of teamwork."
Tracie Wigginton
Associate since 2001
Tim Reid Head Shot
“One of the best parts of working in claims here is that our claims-handling philosophy truly starts with our culture of service. That empowers me to do the right thing for our insureds, with the comfort of knowing that I am going to be supported by the company in those decisions.”
Tim Reid
Associate since 2016
Tracy Guinn headshot
“Glatfelter loves this community and inspires us to love it too.”
Tracy Guinn
Associate since 1995

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