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For over 70 years, Glatfelter has believed in doing the right thing. It's a belief that began with our company's founder, Arthur J. Glatfelter, and has been instilled into every decision we make. Often, it is what drives us to innovate—the desire to deliver the best for our clients.

Art Glatfelter sitting at a desk

1951—Founded on Trust

The Glatfelter Agency is founded.

Arthur J. Glatfelter moves his kitchen table out of the dining room. He needs to make room for a desk where he will run his newly-founded insurance agency. He envisions The Glatfelter Agency being community-minded and operating on three basic principles: trust, service and integrity. On this foundation, Art builds one of the largest full-service retail agencies in Central Pennsylvania. He and his team earn a reputation for thorough, considerate claims services and provide a source of confidence for businesses in underserved industries.

Art Glatfelter and associates standing beside an old firetruck

1969—Innovation Brought Us Here

VFIS is founded.

Art retains a volunteer fire department as a new client and learns that emergency service organizations are largely overlooked by insurers. He sees an opportunity to grow Glatfelter while supporting emergency responders by providing insurance services tailored to the unique needs of fire departments.

Over the next few years, Art interviews every fire chief he can in order to gain a first-hand understanding of their insurance and risk management needs. These conversations become the basis of Glatfelter Insurance Group's first specialty program: VFIS, the world's leading provider of insurance, education, training and consulting products and services for emergency service organizations. VFIS is a game-changer—a true innovation for not only the emergency service industry, but specialty program business as well.

Art Glatfelter and associates

1973—Going National

The Regional Director Program is created.

Art knows he can't handle this extent of travel alone, but he doesn't like the idea of traditional satellite offices being opened by people he doesn't know. For him, it always comes back to the people and the depths of relationships made. He wants to send people throughout the country who share his sincere concern for emergency services professionals and who truly connect with them one state at a time. The idea of a Regional Director program is eventually born from this desire. Across the United States, Art takes great care in selecting and appointing VFIS state administrators who share his passion. He welcomes them into the program—in true Art form—with handshake agreements. Anyone who knows Art knows that a handshake is as good as a contract.

Emergency Vehicle Driver Training Course Fire Chief Bob Little

1976—Sharing Our Knowledge

Education, training & consulting services are added to Glatfelter's services.

Fire Chief Bob Little joins the VFIS team. Partnering with Art, he introduces safety and risk management programs and materials into VFIS offerings, including the first Emergency Vehicle Driver Training (EVDT) program. His state-of-the-art contributions, which soon became industry gold standards, will aid in saving countless lives, and help establish VFIS as much more than an insurance provider.

Emergency Vehicle Driver Training Course IAFC logo

1982—An Advocate Outside the Policy

Art Glatfelter is elected president of the International Association of Fire Chiefs Foundation.

Glatfelter Insurance Group located in Central Pennsylvania Glatfelter Headquarters moves to York, Pennsylvania

1983—A New Home

Glatfelter headquarters moves to 183 Leader Heights Road.

Art Glatfelter and VFIS Canada

1992—Going International

VFIS expands into Canada, allowing us to serve clients outside of the United States with our Accident & Sickness product for the very first time.

Art Glatfelter and company standing outside of the original Glatfelter Insurance HQ

1996—Project Independence

Glatfelter becomes a managing general agent.

As coverage enhancements continued to occur regularly and growth skyrocketed, it became apparent that our organization could truly get its wings by going out on its own. In doing so, we knew we could better serve people in many communities. This heartfelt mission, aptly named "project independence" was risky and difficult—but rewarding as well. Glatfelter broke ties with Cigna and went from being a broker to serving as an insurance company and risk bearer. Suddenly, we could do more to better protect our clients and support their unique needs.

Man in church reading his bible

1999—A Tradition of Service

Glatfelter Public Entities is founded.

A new program is established for small cities, towns, townships, boroughs or villages with populations of 25,000 or less. The Public Risk Insurance Made Easy program is approved in a few select states. In 2008, this program will evolve into what is now known as Glatfelter Public Entities.

In-home Nurse taking care of elderly patient

2001—Caring for the Caregivers

Glatfelter Healthcare is founded.

Originally named NHPCO Insurance, and later Hospice and Community Care Insurance Services, the division originally only provides insurance and risk solutions to hospices and homecare agencies. It will later expand into senior living communities and assisted living facilities in 2012.

Large group of people at a Glatfelter Insurance event

2005—An Employer of Choice

Glatfelter is named a Best Place to Work in PA.

It is obvious that our organization and our trailblazing founder are doing something right. The success of the organization is not only felt by clients and internal associates, but also by the surrounding community. Glatfelter will go on to win the honor for the next 17 years and counting.

Pastor in church reading his bible

2012—Expansion Continues

Glatfelter Ministry Care is founded.

Glatfelter Program Managers acquires Bunker Hill Underwriters and forms a new division from the book of business that would focus on protecting and addressing the insurance needs of religious and faith-based organizations.

Art Glatfelter standing beside a firetruck

2015—Honoring a Legacy

Art Glatfelter is memorialized.

Following the 2013 passing of Mr. Glatfelter, the Arthur J. Glatfelter Distinguished Service Award is introduced. This award is distributed on behalf of VFIS by the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF) in honor of Art Glatfelter's extraordinary achievements.

AIG/Glatfelter Employees discussing the best strategy to support clients

2018—The Backing of a Global Partner

Glatfelter becomes an AIG company.

In order to better serve Glatfelter's agents and insureds, the employee-owned company votes to join AIG. This move better positions Glatfelter for continued, improved growth.

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