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We're proud to be the innovating force that pioneered specialized insurance protections for America's emergency service organizations.

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VFIS has been serving the emergency responder community for over fifty years. And we're still responding with coverages, training and risk management services that meet the unique needs of fire departments, EMS agencies, communication centers and other emergency service organizations.

We are staffed with many active and past first responders, so we truly understand the needs of emergency personnel as we serve alongside them every day.

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Glatfelter Commercial Ambulance

In select states, we also serve commercial emergency ambulance operations and paratransit/non-medical transport operations through our Glatfelter Commercial Ambulance program. Our experienced risk control consultants and specialty underwriters combine their extensive insurance and ambulance experience with a service-minded approach to help insure these organizations.

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Glatfelter Specialty Benefits

Our Glatfelter Specialty Benefits program fills the gaps that traditional policies may have. Supplying solutions to the issues that matter to first responders, like cancer, critical illness, recruitment and retention, we know the pain points of emergency personnel and have created custom coverages to meet their needs.

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Meet Some of Our Emergency Responder Clients

"The roof collapsed on me." Chief Joe Yeakley was fighting a fire when the roof collapsed in on him. As much as he tried, he couldn't move. The debris had trapped him completely, and the room around him continued to burn. Hear his amazing story of strength, brotherhood and recovery.
- Joe Yeakley, Fire Chief
Lindale Fire Department, TX
VFIS client since 1999
"I died three times." Chief Bailey was participating in a walk to honor the fallen firefighters of 9/11 when he fell to the ground himself — and didn't get up. Hear the inspiring story of how he came back to life, defied all odds and continued to serve his community.
- Greg Bailey, Assistant Chief
Couchton Fire Rescue, SC
VFIS Client since 1998

Your Passion. Our Purpose.

As part of our commitment to emergency services, we provide risk resources and industry insights through our client blog.

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Fire Truck crossing intersection

Intersection Safety During Emergency Response

Why written training, policies and procedures are so important for intersections – and how to develop effective guidelines to help your emergency service organization address this risk.

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Palm trees in storm

Severe Weather Resources for Emergency Service Organizations

These storms can bring a variety of risks, and when you're expected to continue to answer and respond to 911 calls during them—the tensions can be high.

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Doctor with Stethoscope

13 Steps to help reduce firefighter cancer risks

While the risks are undeniably scary, there are policies and procedures you can implement today to help address cancer within your fire department.

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