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The Passion Project

This blog is dedicated to our clients. You’re out there, every day, pursing your dreams and making great industry strides.

We've designed this space to be an encouraging, inspiring place where you can find everything you need to pursue your professional passions more successfully and safely.

We hope you’ll get lost in our stories, find value in our top-level tips and put our strategies to good use. We’ve broken things down by industry to make it easy to find the material that is right for you.

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Backstage with GIG

This blog was tailor-made for all of our amazing agents; to provide you with a backstage pass to the most important and relevant business and industry information.

Our overall focus is on increasing your success. Browse through top-notch business advice, industry-related stories that inspire and resources designed to make your job easier.

We hope you’ll find our blog to be an incredibly valuable professional resource. Our topics are broken down into categories to make it easy to find the material that interests you most.

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