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Glatfelter Specialty Insurance Programs

When Glatfelter Insurance Group perceives a need to provide better coverage for a niche market, we meet that need with specialized insurance programs. Over the years, we have developed insurance products that are tailored to meet the specific needs and exposures for many industries.

Each Glatfelter program is uniquely designed, knowledgeably underwritten, equitably priced and locally distributed. We select only carrier partners who support the independent agency system and share our commitment to long-term, sustainable value. Our goal is to provide lasting predictability of risk transfer expense while adding real value in controlling risk through education and training.

Glatfelter provides multi-line industry solutions through licensed agents and brokers in all states. As a leader in the design and delivery of specialty insurance programs, Glatfelter is committed to helping brokers succeed in specialty markets by providing value-added resources.

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Specialty Programs

  • Critical Illness
  • Defined Benefit LOSAP
  • Define Contribution LOSAP
  • Educational Institutions
  • Emergency Service Organizations
  • Group Term Life
  • Hospice and Community Care
  • Independent Healthcare Contractor
  • Long Term Disability 
  • Missionary Travel Accident
  • Municipalities
  • Occupational Accident and Business Travel Accident
  • Religious Organizations
  • School Bus Contractors
  • Senior Living
  • Special Risk
  • Student Accident
  • Water and Miscellaneous Public Entities


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VFIS offers tailored property and casualty coverage, benefits programs and Length of Service Awards Programs for first responders and emergency service organizations. Through VFIS Risk Control Services, we provide valuable risk control, risk management, safety resources and access to cutting-edge technology designed to strengthen emergency service organizations.


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public entities insurance

Glatfelter Public Practice is community-minded insurance for public entities, including water entities, municipalities and educational institutions. We offer experienced program management and proprietary property and liability insurance coverage, as well as risk management, educational services and responsive claims service.


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Insurance coverage is tailored to the risks and exposure of hospices, assisted living and senior living facilities and, home healthcare providers. Glatfelter Healthcare Practice also provides risk control services and professional resources to healthcare providers.


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Glatfelter Religious Practice offers insurance coverage tailored to the risks and exposures faced by churches, synagogues, temples, mosques and other religious organizations. We also provide risk control services backed by our experience in risk management and professional, accessible educational resources.


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Specialized Insurance For Private Ambulance Companies

Glatfelter Commercial Ambulance is dedicated to serving the unique insurance and safety needs of commercial ambulance services. As a member of Glatfelter Program Managers, one of the largest insurance program managers in the U.S., we offer tailored insurance products for private ambulance companies. We work with licensed insurance agents in Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas. Our experienced risk control consultants and specialty underwriters combine their extensive insurance and ambulance experience with a service-minded approach to help insure your organization. We also have a strong commitment to education and training as part of efforts to help serve the commercial ambulance community.


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Glatfelter Specialty Benefits provides a wide array of plans to address group-sponsored activities or events. These plans offer a range of benefits including: Accidental Death and Dismemberment, Medical and Disability. We offer Critical Illness coverage for both volunteer and career emergency service personnel providing lump sum benefits for certain forms of cancer, stroke and heart attacks. Other coverages include 24-hour Accidental Death, Disability and In Hospital Income, Occupational Accidental Death, Student Accident Insurance including coverage for international students visiting the United States and U. S. students travelling overseas and more.

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